Group Dynamic


  • Traditional sports
  • Nontraditional creative games
  • Cooperative & collaborative games and activities

The program employs cooperative and collaborative physical games and activities as a tool to help children connect with their peers in positive and healthy ways.

Activities range from traditional sports to creative cooperative games. Interventions focus on the development of the children's social skills, self-esteem, confidence, self- control, and ability to work with others.

Success relies on the establishment of supportive relationships with children that focus on their strengths. In the context of this relationship, direct feedback and direction in real time can help children become more aware of their behavior and the effect it has on others.

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Located convenient to North Shore communities such as North Reading, Wilmington, Reading, Middleton, Andover, Tewksbury, North Andover, Lynnfield, Billerica, Woburn, Stoneham, Wakefield, and many others.
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